Currently Ross' work is included in two group shows

England Gallery
Act Of London

Past Exhibitions

Exhibition at Gallery North, University of Northumbria

Monica Ross: A Critical Fine Art Practice

March 2017

a Locus+ project

curated by Susan Hiller and Suzanne Treister

An acts of memory inspired recitation will coincide with the exhibition.
1st March 4-6pm Sandyford Foyer in front of Gallery North.
All welcome Contact to participate.

Book publication:

Monica Ross

Ethical Actions

A Critical Fine Art Practice

British artist Monica Ross (1950-2013) left behind forty years of socially engaged, feminist, and performative artwork, which has had a deep effect on contemporary art and society. This fully illustrated publication documents Ross's works from 1970 to 2013. Details and Purchase Details and Purchase

Recent Exhibition at CHELSEA space

Monica Ross: A Critical Fine Art Practice

16 November - 16 December 2016

This exhibition presented archival material and works from 1970-2013. Details